Return to Libro’s in Aversa after Las Vegas

Rewind… Yes, my american adventure ended some days ago and the time just flew…

“International Pizza Expo” is an experience I hope everybody can live at least once in their life where the most important people of “pizza” universe have the honor to take a big stage and feel adrenalin, curiosity, passion, fun, ambition… The broad media coverage of this event is astonishing.

Television, newspapers… all the most influential mass media meet in the Convention Center of Las Vegas. An incredible number of professionists with the same purpose: to prove that their pizza is the best (each one with different features), in front of the whole world or almost.

I think that the leading role, at present, is played by only one nation: Italy. Lastly, a real mission: to complete the collection of signatures started one year ago thanks to the Honourable P. Scanio, that aims at inscribing pizza in the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A successful operation in Las Vegas too: 30.000 signatures of enthusiastic visitors have been gathered in support of this precious petition. After a busy week overseas and bringing pizza to Grand Canyon, I’ve returned to my Libro’s Pizza & Tradizione in Aversa, my second home, ready to start new important projects…

Mind, heart and a damn, everlasting desire to fly: this is me!