From Chef to Libro’s Manager: Anna D’Alessio

An example of perseverance and dedication, but also of humility; she’s lovingly known by our customers as “Zia Anna” because of her sweet and salty delicacies.

We think immediately to her delicious slightly spicy “meatballs with tomato sauce” that amazed event the most skeptical, or her fantastic “big salads”, born to her creative and tasty mixes that impress at first taste… And what about her desserts? Who hasn’t had the chance to be seduced by her delicious temptations? Oreo Cake, Gocciole, Plasmon, Pan di Stelle, Tiramisù, Panna Cotta and “Red Velvet”, our new entry; real works of art whose taste, smoothness and sweetness represents an authentic experience of excellence as well as one of Libro’s strong points. Anna D’Alessio is a talented, creative woman who loves challenge.

“I love my job because it is first of all a passion for me” – she says – “I remember when I met Valentino for the first time; a strong boy, talented and clear- headed despite his young age”.

“We have worked together so much and his professionalism has been crucial for my professional and personal development, that’s why at the very moment I knew of his project “Libro’s” all I could do was follow him”.

“I’ve always had great trust in her since she worked with me as a chef; I have great respect for that woman, that’s the reason why I have chosen her as “Manager” for my pizzeria”- affirms the same Valentino. So, success doesn’t happen by chance and Anna is an example for young people today more than ever!

Good luck as a manager, Anna, for your new adventure, you deserve it!